Track Mixing

Track Mixing

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The mixdown process can be fraught with difficulties for music producers. Endless hours in the studio, trying to get the sound of their tracks just right.

Paul Nolan Sound is here to help with your mixdowns, by giving you the benefit of an experienced, seasoned set of ears, with years of know how and understanding from providing mixing services to tracks released on labels such as Bedrock, Selador, Chapter 24, Mule Musique, Pro B Tech, B Tech Noir, Motek Music, and many more. 

At the end of this process, you will have a professionally mixed track delivered in the appropriate format and resolution, ready to be sent to mastering, with correct headroom left for the best standard of mastering to occur.

Submission Process:

Once you have placed your order, provide Paul Nolan Sound with a download link to a file / folder with each audio channel in your track rendered as a separate, complete audio file, ready for mixdown.

Submission Checklist:

Please ensure that:

  • All stems are complete: ensure there is no cutting off of the start of the track, such as missing the first kick, and that all reverbs, delays and other effects end naturally. 
  • Preferably, leave a 1 bar gap at the beginning and the end of your track, to allow for proper topping and tailing
  • Please include all effects send & return / auxiliary channels as separated files.
  • Please ensure all tracks play correctly when imported into a DAW, so all rendered stems play in sync.
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