Rob Hes & Steve Slight - Focusing (Steve Parry Remix) (Engineered and Mastered by Paul Nolan) out NOW on Selador Records!


I'm proud to let you know that the newest release on Selador Records, established by those legends of quality house music, Steve Parry and Dave Seaman, has a remix from Steve Parry on it which I engineered and mastered. You can hear it below:

I'm really proud of this remix. Myself and Steve Parry go back a long way, as he gave me my first ever serious gig as a DJ way back in 2000, and we've supported each other ever since, and I also had the pleasure of tutoring Steve in Music Production a few years ago!

SO for us to work together on this remix was pretty special, and it really came together beautifully.

Produced and arranged in Ableton Live, and mastered in Logic Pro, the idea was to take the original parts and do something driving, yet emotional, with all the elements that Steve was after in a track that he would play as part of his legendary DJ sets. We definitely achieved that, and in very quick order as well, with the track taking only 9 hours of studio time to complete from conception to final master.

You can see a screen shot of the finished arrangement below (click on image to see full sized version):


Rob Hes & Steve Slight 'Focusing' (Steve Parry Remix)

You can also listen to Steve's full set from the Selador Records Showcase at 303 Liverpool in November, featuring the full remix below (ironically, I also recorded this set as I was Stage Manager / Live Engineer at this event!):

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