Paul Nolan Provides Original Music For Original Motion Picture 'Generation Iron 2'

Earlier this year, I was asked by my friend and colleague, LA based film composer Jeff Rona, to contribute some music to the documentary feature film, Generation Iron 2.

I had an absolute blast getting to grips with this wonderful project, and getting to flex my sound design and synthesis muscles (yep...pun intended!)

Two of the resultant tracks made it on to the Official Soundtrack for the film, which is now available on all good streaming outlets...

I went for a very analog, aggressive, yet melodic aesthetic for these tracks. Big, airy synths, driving arps and diffused, dramatic strings the order of the day, whilst I attempted to capture the thrill, exhilaration and 

Listen below on Spotify to 'Pushing It' and 'What's Next'...

Paul Nolan - 'Pushing It'

'Pushing It' is an ode to embracing the hard work. To getting your head down, accepting and being cool with the fact the hard miles are yet to be ran, and the excitement and positivity such an acceptance creates..

Paul Nolan - 'What's Next'

'What's Next' is all about knowing your path isn't going to be a straight line. There will be many ups and downs, successes and failures, feelings of elation and pain. Ultimately, the journey, the process is worth it, because it's what makes you, you.

This particular track has a lot of meaning for me. I worked on this project through the immediate aftermath of the sudden passing of my father. I actually wrote this track the night before his funeral.