Announcing My New Online Learning Platform, Make Your Transition

Today, I am announcing the next evolution of Paul Nolan Sound.

For a decade, I've been helping creative people make various transitions; from helping some of the biggest and most legendary artists in electronic music evolve their productions and live sets, to pushing the next generation of talent to get their first tracks signed, and grow into fully fledged artists, living the creative lives they've always aspired to.

It's an incredible honour, and a huge part of my life's mission: to help as many people live better lives as I can, and to leave everyone and everything better than how I found it.

This is why I've created Make Your Transition - a platform which will allow me to help even more people - in person, virtually and now, in the form of online courses.

The new online courses are specifically designed to get straight to, and guide you through the pain points that most growing producers, DJs and artist experience.

In all my years of experience, I have seen my clients and students struggle with the following:

  • Finishing Tracks to the appropriately professional standard.
  • DAW workflow
  • Sound Design
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Getting Music Signed
  • Building an audience & creating 'true fans'
  • Transitioning into a career in electronic music
  • Overcoming mental, creative & psychological blockages
  • Finding Your Unique Creative Purpose, Voice, and Identity

To tackle this, Make Your Transition will offer a constantly expanding library of on demand courses, covering everything the modern dance music artist needs to know to fulfil their creative potential.

MYT online courses will feature streaming video tutorials, lectures, audio and video podcasts, presentations, reading materials and many other innovative solutions.

Regular content will also be published on the brand new Blog, including on the creative process, production skills, theory, production workflow and the mental / psychological aspects of music production.

Make Your Transition will also serve as a hub for the community of students, to develop networking, peer feedback and support, in addition to course content.

The first course, Finish Your Music, will launch September 1st. More details about this course, and how you can enrol, will be available shortly.

Meanwhile Paul Nolan Sound will remain active, and will be the place to come for my track mixing, mastering & consultancy services, as well as details of my tour dates, latest productions and remixes.

Finally, I'd like to express my thanks and gratitude.

I am so thankful I have the opportunity to help make the world a better place through electronic music, and to help so many people become the best version of themselves through it.  

I'm also grateful almost beyond words for all the support and love I have received over the years, from all of my clients, friends and peers. Make Your Transition is a huge step for me, and for the business, and I can't wait for you all to take that step with me.

Big Love <3

Paul x